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Becoming The Diablo 3 We Gamers Want To Play

Diablo III is a game of role-playing action (RPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment. This is the continuation of Diablo II and the third part of the series that was created by the American company Blizzard. Its theme is dark and terrifying fantasy. His appearance was announced on June 28, 2008 at the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational in Paris,  Blizzard Francia. announced that the launch would take place on May 15, 2012, was the most important launch of a video game in history, selling a figure of 3.5 million copies in 24 hours and 6.3 million in a week.


The world was saved from destruction twenty years ago by a handful of heroes unnamed in Diablo and Diablo II. These heroes having survived the attack by the army of the underworld have become mad of their suffering. It is a new generation of heroes to make against the forces of evil threatening the world of sanctuary. Players will have the opportunity to explore places known as Tristan, the dark fantasy world of Santuario.

Two decades have passed since the last time that infernal Lords - Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal - drifted through the world of sanctuary, subjecting to humanity to their unholy craving. However, the memory of those who fought against the armies of the evil face to face slowly fades away and the wounds of the soul even escuecen.

When Deckard Cain returns to the ruins of the Cathedral of Tristan looking for signs to defeat the evil awakening, a furious Herald of the Apocalypse falls of heaven crashing in the same place on the devil had entered the world. This fire of heaven revives old perversity and announces to all the heroes of sanctuary that has time to defend the world which belongs to the mortals against the powers emanating from the Abrasadores hell again. Deckard Cain, who has appeared in two previous games is now accompanied by his niece, Leah, a new character who accompanies the hero missions from time to time.

The plot revolves around the two surviving demons, Azmodan, Belial and an artifact known as the "stone of the"dark soul. The map of the world of Diablo is composed primarily of two main continents with several small islands in the northwestern region. The world of sanctuary has dramatically changed by the events of Diablo 2; Lord of Destruction due to the destruction of the stone of the world.

Diablo III is a role-playing action with a style similar to its predecessor, Diablo II. While it maintains several elements of the original Diablo. Diablo III focuses on cooperative play or on computer. Cooperative multiplayer games will have a maximum capacity of 4 players, unlike that in Diablo II were 8; Blizzard gave as an explanation to this which concluded that 4 players would be the "perfect" number because it would make the game more efficient and clearer after multiple tests and due to various factors. The company initially used the Havok engine in order to obtain a greater realism, which later confirmed that it would not use. The developers are looking for the game to run on a wide range of systems, and have said that DirectX 10 will not be necesario.6 was released for Windows and Mac OS X.7
Character classes

In this installment we will have five classes:

Barbaro: This character returns to make use of his physical strength and the characteristic screams of war. When you suffer or cause damage increases their fury, an energy that makes their increasingly powerful attacks. When anger reaches its limit it becomes a beast of destruction. Your remedy is the fury
Witch doctor: Uses magic and invocations to kill their enemies, inspired by the necromancer from Diablo II. Warlocks doctors are spiritual warriors that invoke the souls of the dead and terrifying creatures that conform to his will. Surrounded by zombies and vermin invoked, they have the freedom to attack their enemies with explosive skulls, acid clouds and deadly spells. Your remedy is the Mana and has the characteristic that increases the maximum amount of Mana with every level, your feedback is relatively quick.
Mage: Magicians are Renegades spellcasters who use their own bodies as catalysts of arcane energy; they have rejected the path of study that characterizes other users of magic. Handled all kinds of forces to disintegrate, burn or freeze enemies. Also control light and time to teleport, create powerful illusions and deflect projectiles. Your remedy is the Arcanum and is characterised by its regeneration is very fast
Monk: This class is based on the combat melee. You will be able to combine skills by way of combos for more powerful attacks. It also has the ability to creation of mantras, which among other things allow you to heal wounds, protect their allies and weaken to nearby enemies. Your resource is the spirit
Demon Hunter: is the successor of the first Devil Rogue, the Amazon and the killer of the second delivery. It covers the distant combat and is an expert in the use of bows and crossbows. It also has knowledge of the magic of shadows that will allow you to use various charms to projectiles and throw bombs and traps his enemies. Tireless justicieros are running to their targets with a wide arsenal of ranged weapons. They agazapan and refined his aim away from the danger, with the help of arches, deadly traps and shells that kill the monsters plaguing their world. Your remedy is the hatred and the discipline, hatred is used with offensive skills and has a relatively fast regeneration and certain abilities slowly regenerate this resource. Unlike the discipline used in defensive skills and has a slow regeneration.

On the occasion of the April fools' day the blizzard team put on the page, as a joke for fans, a new class of character. The Archivist, this character who refers to Decard Cain in Diablo II. It uses spells such as Torbelibro and Chiton.
Blizzard posted 2 videos on June 28, 2008: the first is the trailer that shows a representative of the game and the second cinematic video in-game.

June 30, 2008, Blizzard released 3 videos, two of them are of the game itself and the third is one that exposes illustrations and characters.

11 Videos to date are available on the official website of the game.
Extreme mode

As in normal mode, you choose a character with which the history play, either alone or in group. The difference is that in this way death is permanent, i.e., to lose all life points the character disappears forever, without having possibility to start again or resurrected by your classmates. Along with this death, the character loses all their items without possibility of recovering them. However when the character dies we are given the option of "archiving" the hero, to be displayed in a tab in the user's profile, indicating time of game, collected gold, eliminated enemies and at the hands of who we were eliminated. The extreme mode is unlocked after level 10 in normal mode.

Deckard Cain and the Archangel Tyrael will be present.

Runestones: In Diablo III you haven't points to your skills, improve these sequentially. Runicas stones give you control on your skills and powers unprecedented. You can change the type of elemental damage, accuracy and the amount of enemies that are affected, add new debilitating effects such as reduction of speed of movement and stunning effects; as well as altering the essence and appearance of your skills.

Trackers: Fans, similar to the Secuaces in Diablo II, are champions who have the courage to join your fight against the burning Hells. They may be equipped with weapons and armor, select skills to customize his fighting style and the passive benefits provided. They also have well-defined personalities.

Trades and craftsmen: as you know and auxilies other individuals during your travels by shrine, some of the most talented artisans of the world will join you. These are capable of giving a good use to the materials that you get during your adventures, creating custom armor or combining gems to unlock his powers. Invests time and money in the training of a craftsman, fills their shops with high quality materials and will have the ability to produce, increase, or increasingly combine best objects.

It is also likely that this delivery is accessed the heavens, since the "stone in the world", an ancient artifact that protected and kept separate to the physical plane of the spiritual (heaven and hell), has been destroyed.

In all kinds of characters can be choice of gender, either masculine or feminine.
To speed up the game, appear around "orbs" when you kill enemies, they will recover life in greater or lesser amount depending on the size. The recovered amount is a percentage of the life of the player. In multiplayer mode recovery affects all characters close to the ORB at the time of collection.
Multiplayer games may be up to four players, unlike Diablo II, which were 8.
The randomness, i.e. the distribution of Dungeon system will be enhanced and beasts will be different in each game played.
A new and interesting variation in Diablo III will be the fact that the classic trees of skills, giving way to the system of runes are removed. These can be combined with the skills of class of the character by modifying the natural behavior and the graphical appearance of such habilidad.8
There will be an auction house where players may Exchange objects for virtual gold (the coins you find in chests or when kill monsters), but also if you want you can sell and buy items for real money ($).
At the BlizzCon 2010 was revealed, as well as the last class (the Hunter of demons), duels (PvP) mode up to 3 against 3 players
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