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My Diablo 3 Review and Experience

Remember in college when you learned about the rings of trees and how they enable you to understand how a tree is old? This is dendrochronology. Blizzard's games, due to the difference between the versions are equivalent set of tree rings. With Starcraft and Diablo 2 releases firmly in the past games and Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 in the presence of the game video, the recent history of the evolution of game mechanics is full screen. StarCraft 2 years of grace and offered modified gameplay which remained true to its roots while growing and evolving in a game made in 2011. Diablo 3 achieve the same objective, or are its too many rings?

The first thing you notice when you start Diablo 3 is that it looked beautiful. The Green and purple from the Cathedral to the ors of rain soaked and oranges of the fields of misery, each location in the game has its own unique color palette and the visual style. Models seem to be good, but the isometric zoom-out style, it is difficult to really bring out the details on the characters. All the characters are easily recognizable, however, and by looking at changes look of your character as you add equipment which is always satisfying. Particle effects are beautiful, colorful pieces of light, shadows and lighting in place dark environments. While some fans might not appreciate the colorful style, Blizzard has perfectly straddling the line between their former School of Visual design and new power school, the creation of a game that has a unique look and breathtaking. Impressive, this all scales well, and the art is strong enough to support the game, even on the lowest of its Visual parameters. I managed to get the game to run on a low-power with a terrible video card laptop, which is quite shocking, but the game remains had air well, and actually run a framerate double-digit. The game work also on Mac OSX, but as habit for the games that are available on two operating systems, OSX performance was not as good as on Windows on the same machine via Bootcamp.
The player character is only disappointment, with a very basic motivation and little or no qualification throughout the match. Events in the game seems to happen around the character, as opposed to the character affecting any kind of real change or to exercise a real will on the world. Blizzard largely managed to bring items history of Diablo in 2012, but the linearity of the narrative and the relative shallowness of the main character actually retain transcending, despite the beautiful CGI work.
StarCraft 2 presented a unique and unexpected, soundtrack by using an accent of the South to increase the "" space cowboy", theme of the game." In Diablo 3, the music retains a portion of this flavour, but it is largely forgettable. A part of the orchestral work is beautiful, but really comes to the forefront in major cinematic movie. In all, the music is a missed opportunity. Voice acting fares better, with solid performance throughout the (a highlight of which is the Braveheart of inspiration follower of the Templars) which gives the flavor to the myriad of characters you meet in your adventure.

None of these questions, of course, if the game plays well. As a prelude to the release of Diablo 3, Blizzard has caused some agitation in the Diablo 2 community showing radical changes of the main systems of the game. At the heart of its revamped combat, Diablo 3 is a game of 2 major resource management (except 3, Demon Hunter), health and for special attacks (Holy Spirit for the monk, the wizard, Mana arcane for the Witch Doctor, Fury for the barbarian, and the hatred / Discipline for the Demon Hunter). Use of the monk for example, primary skills or major attacks (mapped to a left click) all to regenerate mind mind use most of the other skills (associated with a right click and 1-4 on the keyboard). It is up to the user to balance the production of spirit lowest main attack with the stronger / increased use of secondary skills with this spirit. Different equipment gives different bonus when it comes to the use of the mind, so that the primary purpose of the monk is to be always effectively generate mind without having to sacrifice the attack power. It is a system that is simple on the surface, but deep in the upper levels of game, which could describe all Diablo 3 gameplay systems of. Health is another system that has been redesigned, with the use of town portals and potions decreased for a health system that ORB allows the player to always feel like they have some momentum forward. Many enemies will be glowing red orbs (ala God of War) that reloads a percentage of the health of the party. The player is then constantly to balance the need for health with the need to continue to fight. Potions are still in the game, even if they have a recharge time, which makes it useful only in emergency situations. This is a good compromise between Diablo 2 potions (which uneven difficulty) and a complete health system regenerating that many modern games use. Blizzard designed meetings around this system, with most of the blank fall patterns of health and / or provide opportunities for regeneration secondary jurisdiction at regular intervals.
The skills system has also been changed, and it maintains the "" simple yet profound"mantra that the rest of the game." Skills points and statistics are gone, as are the trees of traditional skills. New skills to unlock automatically that you go up in level, and can be exchanged at any time. This gives the player a chance to try different combinations and experiment, which is essential to the longevity of the game. The problem with a high level of play Diablo 2 was that there were only a small number of acceptable ways to play each of the classes.  
Freedom and the opening of the skills system allows also to put an end to the traditional "healer", "Tank" and "DPS" style of characters that have made other RPG fade market and interest-free. This opens the game up to cooperative for players of all types, and should discourage the idea that he is a "good way" to play a specific class. Each class has the possibility of falling into one of these archetypes, and the ease of exchange of skills enables players to still be useful to their groups. Current group is not a healer? The monk has 3 or 4 different selectable level limit who can fulfill this role. Alternatively, the same player in the same class could begin to concentrate on to inflict damage with offensive skills or helping with the control of the crowds and de-buffs. It all depends on the player and the needs of the group, which makes the future of the game terribly exciting.

Diablo 2 was legendary for having an almost unlimited replay value. The same system of dungeons randomly generated with (essentially) unlimited set of jurisdictional options ensures that Diablo 3 may have the same longevity. The co-op system is incredibly easy to use, with a simple button (public game) allowing you to plunge into the world of cooperative game. In addition, all the friends you have on friends in your list will be listed in a menu in the lower-right corner of almost every game screen, which makes it inviting them to your simple and easy game. It is possible to play through all of the game in cooperation, and the scales of games number of players involved in the session. Battles player against player will be contained in the ""Battle Arena", which is not yet available." Honestly, there is no real excuse for this effect. Blizzard worked on this game for years, and after numerous delays, one might think that ""when it is done"would mean just that." Blizzard stated that multiplayer PvP will be not perfectly balanced, but I hope that the matchmaking works as well as in Starcraft 2, which is designed to make players win games almost as much as what they lost. Without the ability to actually play, however, there is no way of knowing if it works. Time will tell if they have managed to make the experience fun for players of all playing styles and skill levels.
One other thing to note is the necessity of a "" always - on "Internet connection to play the game." I understand why Blizzard chose to do so, because it makes cleaning much more the game online and certainly contributes to fight against piracy, but the launch of the game saw many errors of the server (including a judgment extended to 3 or 4 hours in the middle of the day of liberation), and this decision means that Blizzard is the judgment of people who do not have access to the Internet (such as men and) (women overseas) and server failures will keep players to play a game that they have bought. It is the most aggressively modern aspect of the game, which is a shame because it is by far the most anti-joueur system on the whole package.  And by the way, if ever you need a some game trainer and game cheats , I found a site name  I just got some cool trainers there whenever I get board of a particular game and just want to make some fun, like the last one I got was an XCOM enemy unknown Trainer since the game was particularly hard and got me mad.

Regardless of any qualms I may have on the need to have an Internet connection to play the "offline" part of a so-called solo game, it is undeniable that Diablo 3 is still another huge success in the catalog of Blizzard. It took more than 10 years to complete the update of 2 of their major franchises, but Diablo 3 proves that Starcraft 2 was not a coup. In remaining faithful to their principles of design, Blizzard has managed to keep the familiarity of their beloved Dungeon-crawling franchise injecting a dose of "new". They used Darwinism design to kill all systems that got in the way, and we have designed a set perfectly streamlined, incredibly balanced, and (especially) wildly fun tools for users to experiment with the years to come. They have straddled the line between modern and classic to completely hide the signs that they are, at their base, old games. They did the impossible. They have erased their tree rings. It is time for a whole new generation of players fall in love with the design classic game of Blizzard.

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