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Video Games - the song

«Video Games» - in Spanish: «Videogames» - is a song by American singer Lana del Rey, included in their debut album, Born to Die. Vertigo Records the company launched September 5, 2011 as digital download, while on October 10 of the same year the October 17 was published along with the song "Blue Jeans" in digital format and disk vinilo.3 was released as a digital download EP with remixes of the song.

In an interview with 3voor12, the King said that the meaning of the single was "«Video Games» videojuegos».5 addiction of her boyfriend has had a good commercial reception in European countries." More specifically, the song reached the first position in Germany, 6 also reached the top ten in countries like Austria, 7 Belgium, 8 9 Netherlands, 10 Suiza11 and Kingdom Unido.12 also was well received by critics, some of them by naming it one of the best songs of the 2011.13 14 15 its music video was directed and edited by the same Rey.16 wool

Background and description
«Video Games» is composed in the key of f-sharp minor.

On September 5, 2011 "Video Games" was released as the first single from the debut album of wool of the King, Born to Die, which went on sale in the 2012.1 January in an interview with the British newspaper online, The Quietus, the King said that the inspiration for the song was a former boyfriend. Also commented that:

"I think we got together because both were a marginalized." It was perfect. However, I think with satisfaction also comes the sadness. That life had something of sublime - we were going to work and he was playing with their games - but perhaps it was all too predictable. At that time he was losing the illusion of becoming a singer and me to happy to live with a boyfriend she loved, but at the end, both lost view our dreams. Perhaps domestic life is not really so especial».17

The singer also clarified that: «used to lower the voice to sing the song, because people was not me taking very seriously, so I got out my tone of voice, thinking I would help highlight.» Now I sing very low... well, for a woman of all modos».18 in an interview with The Observer's Rosie Swash, revealed that: «just put online the song for a few months, since it was my favorite.» To be honest, it wasn't going to be easy, but people have actually made it a success. I get very sad when I play that song, I still cry when the canto».19

"Video Games" is a pop ballad written by the own interpreter and Justin Parker, while it was produced by the latter and RoboPop.1 is influenced by gender indie pop, composed in the key of f-sharp minor and is in a 4/4 beat with a tempo of 61 beats per minute. The vocal singer extends from the note mi♯3 to the la♯4. 20 in an interview with 3voor12, King stated that the meaning was "addiction of her boyfriend to play video games, which it desanimaba it and sometimes not», and also said that he felt very sad when I heard that song. 5 19 according to the MSemanal site: "" Video Games "is a sad piece that speaks of the desolation he feels a woman knowing ignores that the man who loves, of the terrible thing that undress before such dealing as basura».21»

The Greek singer Eleni Vitali said that the single is a plagiarism of his song

The song received mostly positive reviews by music critics. Following the release of the single, Ian Cohen of Pitchfork Media said: «in his poignant voice of opera, Lizzy Grant becomes drastically King wool.» "While the song is impressively rough and sensual". Was named by Pitchfork Media as "best song of an artist".15 Robert Copsey of Digital Spy said that: «wool combines a voice almost identical to Nancy Sinatra with his own fascination for the tragic glamour - or "Hollywood sadcore", as she as has explicado».23 Lewis Corner, also of Digital Spy, said that: «born in New York»»Headquartered in London, Lana del Rey is currently working on their debut album, but if this song is a preview of the singles will be released, it will be at the best time of your carrera».24

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