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Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction is an expansion for the video game Diablo II. It was released on June 21, 2001.

To play this, it is necessary to have installed the Diablo II in the full version. This expansion is identical to the original game. You can choose from five characters from the original either or, choose one of the two new: Assassin and Druid.
Lord of Destruction expansion complies with all of its objectives:

Added two new character classes: the assassin and the Druid.
Is wide the stash to save objects.
Runes are included to imbue weapons.
The jewels are added. They are like gems but with random attributes.
Adds one act to move through, Harrogath.
Improving the system of mercenaries, changing almost entirely. Armor, datasheet, possibility of curing them, add them, and can follow the hero throughout the game.
Adds a new mercenary in the last act: the barbarian.
Added mini-hechizos that carry in inventory.
New packages are added to the game.
New objects rare and unique, including the exceptional and elite objects are created.
Ethereal objects: these objects are irreparable. Once runs its durability disappear.
Class-specific objects: objects that serve only for a certain category of hero. Falcon for the Druid, katares helmet for the killer, etc.
The resolution of 800 ** 600 option is added.
Adds the option of owning a second arms. To this you can change through a quick key, by default "w".
Changes in Decrepitacion (necromancer) and wall of fire and telekinesis (sorceress) skills.
Significant changes in the game.
Quite a few bug fix.

In the third century, two brothers belonging to the ranks of the Magi Vizjerei clan came to power. Their names were Horazon and Bartuc. Both were just as powerful and ambitious, both were fascinated by the power that could be obtained through the practice of demonic magic. However, they differed by the method preferred to study the demons. Horazon saw the demons as a strong power, he felt that to make the most of that force should get one and bend it to his will. His brother, however, came to feel sympathy for the demonic powers and thought (largely influenced by demons) that the best way to understand the demonic forces was to ally with the infernal authorities so that they share with him their secrets freely. That is exactly what he did. Their opposing philosophies caused a great schism which divided the rows and tore the Vizjerei clan.

When finally their fierce rivalry culminated in the inevitable violent confrontation, the fighters realized too late that had been used as puppets by the demonic army. The next battle took such proportions that filled light firmament, and when everything was over and I am only the silence of remorse, Bartuc lay dead, Horazon had disappeared in an exile he imposed, and the Vizjerei had learned a lesson at a very high price.

The small group of surviving sorcerers, vestiges of which was the great Vizjerei clan, decided to reject the demonic magic from that moment to continue with his study of the elemental magic. To ensure that similar tragedy would not take place, they formed a secret order for the sole purpose of monitoring the magical clans and destroy the corruption where found it. Thus was born the Viz-Jaq'Taar, the order of the magical criminals, also known as the killer.

The Vizjerei, aware that the order itself may corrupt if you explain to the powers of magic, considered essential to these killer kept their minds so full of purity and concentration as possible. They should live in meditation and acquire the strength inside, not from external forces which could mask a demonic influence. For this purpose, the order would not directly use the magical arts: they would instead use ingenious devices and delighted to fight against those who Yes objects use. To extend its campaign against the demonic corruption, they concentrated on refining the martial skills of their bodies, both physical and mental.

Due to the secretive nature of the order, few people, even among the Magi, knows more than rumors that run on this mysterious organization. His reputation is wrapped in a veil of ambiguity. Legends about their unconditional surveillance and fear widespread its reprisals have kept many magicians away from the temptation of corruption, so has been on few occasions. However, with the reappearance of the three, and the subsequent rise of demonic manifestations in the world, the order has been recently much more in public.

In the old volume of the druids, the Sceal Fada, is written that Bul-Kathos, the great ancient King of the barbarian tribes, relies on a mysterious confidant, to which reference is made only as Fiacla-Gear. He is sometimes described this man as the most intimate friend of Bul-Kathos, and at other times, referred to him as his brother.

Whatever their relationship, as they were very United and shared the secrets of their ancestors: speaking of the mysteries hidden under the top of Mount Arreat, venerated Mission for the protection of these mysteries by part of its people and the prophecies related to the dark times that were to come. Both were in agreement in to meet his sacred task, its people should devote to this company. However, were not in agreement on what exactly was the best way to accomplish this. BUL-Kathos believed that only if joined tribes and trained them in a strict martial discipline, could really concentrate on your goal for generations. Fiacla-Gear, on the other hand, thought that only if they were able to the spiritual union with the land who had sworn to protect could really appreciate the importance of its work. Both were in agreement that the philosophy of the contrary had its value and, therefore, when Bul-Kathos joined tribes, Fiacla-Gear gathered a small group composed of the guerreros-poetas and most important tribes shamans and withdrew, wrapped in mystery, to the forest surrounding the area known as Scosglen. There, he and his people established the first school of Druids: huge towers of stone without mortar, covered with vines and hidden for safety under the leaves of the vault of the dense forest. They lived there since that time, creating a new way of life for themselves. They created a new culture and language, away from their relatives the barbarians and their customs, vowing that not they would never to the steppes of Mount Arreat until arrived the time of Uileloscadh Mor: the final battle between the men in this world and the demons of hell.

Here, in preparation for the imminent conflict, he taught them the IOTC Dulra, a way of thinking, at whose heart of intrinsic beliefs is harmony with natural objects in the world, its plants and animals, since they are the personification of the world that the Druids have sworn to protect. Not only IOTC Dulra was the basis of the system of values but that in addition, through its study and implementation the Druids learned the link with the natural entities in sanctuary. This union was so absolute that after awhile they discovered how to talk to plants and animals, and these beings began to disclose the secrets of the natural world. They taught the methods to call animals from far away, to summon sentinels of the Earth, plants to change her own appearance and to share its forces with animal relatives; even taught them, up to a certain limit, methods to control time.

Tur Dulra, the largest College of Druids, is the magnificent oak Glor-an-Fhaidha. This tree is the most venerated source to the Druids as a guide and by his teachings. Under its branches, for centuries, the Druids of Scosglen to put not only its powerful arsenal of natural magic, but also the martial skills that retained their barbarous ancestors. They act this way because they think that they will be the last line of defence arrived the time of the great controversy, a moment that is about to reach its opinion. After the recent appearance of hellish inhabitants and Leathdhiabhala - demonic corruptions of all creatures that the Druids had sworn to defend - haven't had no choice but to leave their forests and faced the last minions of chaos.

Act V - Harrogath: The last "real" Act. The barbaric high ground, where Baal is hidden. It has six missions ("quests" in English, usually abbreviated in the game as "q"):
In the first we must end Shenk, who sees it all. Allows you to complete the mission that Larzuk us of the possibility of making holes in the objects to be able to engage them.
In the second being asked to release the soldiers trapped in the high glacial land. As a reward will give us three runes (low runes).
We must rescue Anya in river ice cream under the crystalline passage in the third. Complete this mission will be that we can get to increase our resistance to fire, poison, cold and lightning. This mission is necessary if you want to do the fourth.
In the fourth should go to the halls of Vaught, where the traitor Nihlatak kidnapped must be killed to Anya. Upon completion of the mission Anya will customize an object with our name.
The fifth mission should end up with three elders (Talic, Korlic and Madawc) without leaving the mount Arreat (and without opening any portal to the city). The fifth mission is essential to the sixth.
The sixth and last mission of this Act and of the game is to reach the throne of destruction by the three levels of the towers of the tribute to defeat the henchmen of Baal and then same Baal in the stone world camera (poorly translated to the game in Spanish, because it should be House of the world stone)(as seen in the videos between acts). In Normal and nightmare difficulty, the culmination of this mission will allow us to continue in one more difficult (nightmare and hell). In the three difficulties will give us a greater degree (Slayer, Champion or Matriarch/SR.)

Baal escaped thanks to Marius took his stone of the soul from the body of Tal Rasha in Luth Golein. Then, the Lord of destruction deception Marius, pretending to be Tyrael. And although Mephisto and Diablo were destroyed was still latent danger. Tyrael sends you to the Barbara Harrogath city kill Baal and finish with the threat. In the second part will discover Izual deceived Tyrael and the three demons revealed the shape of how corrupt the soul stones, therefore the revolution of hell was a farce, the same demons had planned his exile to the mortal world. Now Baal wants to reach the stone of the world and its reasons is unknown.
Secondary characters

Deckard Cain: Is the last of the Horadrim. It is a wise old man, who was a prisoner in a cell in Tristan. To be rescued he joins the hero and accompanies him, and advised on his adventure.

You will help in the investigation of objects.

Tyrael: Is an Archangel. This was which gave the soul stones mortals to despite disobeying the Angiris Council. I help them to enclose the three evils. It now helps them destroy them.
Nihlathak: Is a necromancer of Harrogath. It was the only one of the elderly people who refused to sacrifice to protect the city. It is that delivered the relic to Baal so that it could enter the stone in the world evading the ancients.


Search of Baal: is the introductory video of the expansion. In the shown as Baal invades the city of Sescheron, one of the cities that you it is separated from the stone in the world and demonstrates their new great powers with the stone of the corrupt soul.
End of destruction: the stone in the world has been corrupted by the evil of Baal. Tyrael must destroy it and to do so, before a prayer, launches his charged power sword and destroys the stone in the world, causing everyone to stone to disappear. You must destroy it despite not knowing the consequences that may trigger.


There are varied and bilingual mod's for different versions ranging from 1.09 to 1.13 with modifications that make the difference when it comes to play. One of the MOD's force and almost always in constant update is Median XL of the Laz brothers or another with varied Easter Sun dress.

There was an error of translation in the game "world of stone", in fact, is "The stone in the world"
It was the first role-playing game to incorporate 800 ** 600 resolution.
On June 28, 2008 Blizzard officially announced the release of Diablo III, but the release date was May 15, 2012, unlike Starcraft II, which was released on July 27, 2010.
This game has few system requirements, but if you want to play over the Internet, you possess a fairly powerful computer. This is due to that when a game is saturated of players (limit 8), there are moments in which can result in a "freeze" (not to be confused with lag). The FPS (frames per second) drop dramatically, giving the feeling of "freezeado". It usually occurs when there is invocadores, as Druids and necromancers, which require more use of system resources by their types of skills (invocations).


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